Nondera specializes in process control optimization via Instrumentation, Control and Electrical services. Our scalable and integrated resources and services are targeted to provide solutions through the entire lifecycle of our client’s assets- offshore or onshore.

We leverage on years of systems integration expertise and experience as well as outstanding OEM relationships to offer turnkey solutions for all instrumentation, control & electrical needs of our clients.

List of service offerings are:

Instrumentation Package Supply

Instrumentation, Control & Electrical Construction Services

SCADA system integration with third party systems

Control system Engineering & Design Services

Installation, Start-up & Commissioning Services

Instrumentation & Control

Our experienced personnel can also provide support with specifying the instrumentation equipment that meets the operational needs of client’s facility. Our full line of instrumentation and control equipment include:


Gas Analytics Equipment

Our gas instrumentation and control equipment include gas analyzers, flame detection sensors, toxic gas detectors and gas analysis systems for monitoring toxic and combustible gases, oxygen depleting gases and emissions.


Temperature Monitoring Instrumentation

As required by client, we are able to provide manual and automated field instruments to measure and monitor temperature fluctuations for critical and non-critical applications. Our temperature instrumentation equipment includes heaters, controllers, thermal imagers and infrared pyrometers.


Flow Meters

Flow Meters including multi-phase types as required.


Pressure Instrumentation

We provide a variety of pressure gauges, switches and transmitters for real-time measurement of client’s processes in tanks, vessels & piping.


Level Sensors

Customisable level Sensors.


Well Control and Communication

To meet the demanding requirements of wellhead automation, we have a separate division that deals exclusively with operations of well control panels. We are considered experts in wellhead control panel operations and ICS expertise enables us to provide the necessary Remote Terminal Units.