Optic Fibre

Optic Fibre Services

Optic Fibre Services

Nondera Energy Services is able to supply a wide range of fibre types to suit every application – single-mode, multimode and fibres for special applications.

Over the years, we have built OEM relationships and technical expertise positioning ourselves as a one-stop Fiber Optics network and service supplier offering full series of Optical Passive Component, ODN optical distributed network equipment, Optoelectronic instrument(OTDR, OPM, OFI), Plastic optical fiber (POF) adapters. EPFU Fibre bundles etc.

We provide full installation, commissioning and maintenance services on fibre optic projects. Trenching is conducted according to internationally accepted standards where restitution and public safety is concerned. Cables are professionally blown into ducts, spliced and commissioned according to industry accepted practices.

Our Installation capabilities include Underground, Aerial, Industrial environment and installations in special conditions e.g. railway tunnels, highways, bridges, dams, sewage and even submarine.

Optic Fibre Services

We provide a wide range of optic fibre services

Optic Fibre cable supplies

Optic fibre route planning

Network infrastructure design

Civil Works

Fibre Optic Termination

Installation, Repair and refurbishment of cable assemblies